Believe the Lies, Mainline the Horror

by Jeremiah Israel

Aliens exist, demons exist and every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard is true. From now on try and operate that way in your everyday life. Believe it with a conviction that filters every interaction you have. Your relationships, your routines, your every waking moment is now drenched in the doom of hidden in plain sight alien controllers, invisible behavior influencing entities and blood drinking secret societies engineering a future where the elite live forever as robots fueled on human baby blood.

Wow would that suck. Good thing it’s not true. Unless it is. I mean, probably not, but it could be. There’s at least a possibility. Lots of people say they’ve been abducted by aliens. Lots of people claim to have witnessed demon possession. Lots of people listen to Alex Jones.

Life is terrifying and the possibility that your perception of reality is being actively sugar coated to keep you from worrying about it makes sense. I have a hard enough time participating in normal life as it is. If aliens were on the television breaking down their plan for human enslavement, I’d…I don’t know, I’d probably just miss a day from work or something, but you get the point. Everyone can’t just miss work because the aliens have their coming out party.

Horror is so comforting because it lets you experience fear safely. But like all things, you can become desensitized pretty easily. And so it has to get worse. I started off reading Goosebumps at 7 and now at 32 I search the internet obsessively to find new conspiracies. Why sift through all the bullshit? Because in every log there’s a little peanut of gold just waiting to scare the shit out of you.

Never mind that people believe them with all their heart and do stupid and sometimes terrible things because of them. Never mind that sometimes they are so unbelievable that they’re more funny than scary. Never mind that you’ll find yourself starting to see their point and secretly believing that the Queen of England is a draconian reptilian alien, Beyonce is possessed by demons when she performs and the Red Cross secretly sells donated blood on the black market.

Opinions are like assholes: when they get too loose you’re going to have to plug them with something to keep the shit from falling out. And so instead of caring whether they’re true or not, just take them for the horror that they are.

Fuck it. God exists, the devil exists, and they’re both really fucking lame.

I don’t care about truth anymore. That’s why I write fiction. And it’s conspiracy theories and a religious upbringing that fueled my novel Live On No Evil.

If you want to be terrified, research Pizza Gate from the perspective of people that believe in Pizza Gate. Watch zoomed in videos of the Bush family’s reptilian pupils edited by people that really think our presidents are reptilian aliens. Listen to born-again Christians explain to you why everyone but them is going to hell. Listen to ex-Illuminati Satanists explain the numerology and symbolism behind false flag terror attacks.

Why not? Crush up the red pill and snort the dust. Lube up the blue pill and insert it as a suppository. Turn that tinfoil hat into a sex-toy and get down to gospel music and death metal playing at full blast simultaneously. Stay woke while you sleep and join the sheeple so you can watch the slaughter from a front row seat. The world is fucked and we might as well enjoy the shit show.

If you want to mainline the horror, conspiracy theories are the fix you need. Unless sifting through the bullshit isn’t your thing. In that case, try Live On No Evil and rest assured knowing that everything in there is fiction. Unless it’s not and I’ve somehow summoned an extra dimensional god entity to earth to save us all from the horrors of salvation.

Sin Seriously,

Jeremiah Israel


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Jeremiah Israel was born and raised in Chicago. He now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his girlfriend and twin daughters. He has a BA in Professional Writing from Taylor University and is the author of March the Damned and March the Wretch, the first two books in The Flying Zombies Trilogy. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @jdotis and check out The Fiction of Jeremiah Israel at