Brian Evenson and Stephen Graham Jones Praise GODS ON THE LAM

Fans of horror fiction are no strangers to the works of Brian Evenson and Stephen Graham Jones. Evenson’s Last Days is practically more holy than the Bible at this point, and Jones’s latest novel, Mongrels, might very well be the best werewolf book ever written. So you can imagine how excited we are at Perpetual Motion Machine to reveal the two latest blurbs collected for Christopher David Rosales’s upcoming Gods on the Lam.

Spoiler alert: super fucking excited.

Check these out:

“A whirling crazy ride that brings noir into collision with the American West, alien abduction, memory loss, conspiracy theory, and general weirdness of all kinds and then throws in more than a dash of drunken romance.  Odd, crazed and compelling in all the best ways.”

—Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

“This is a grittier, drier The Pines, with some of that Charlie Sheen The Arrival mixed in, and with Christopher David Rosales firing on all eight cylinders.”

—Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels

Very high-praise indeed. Gods on the Lam will be released on June 20th but you can pre-order it right here


Wayne, a former forest service fire fighter, wakes up one day alongside the highway lacking a memory. Fate connects him with a woman named Ruby and together they continue her quest to locate her missing son. Their investigation will lead them to a rash of mysterious abductions haunting the small Northern Arizona mountain town of Show Low. Gods on the Lam is a jigsaw puzzle of surreal, violent hallucinatory madness recommended for those willing to leave their sanity at the door.



Christopher David Rosales is from Paramount, CA. His first novel, Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper, won him the McNamara Creative Arts Grant. Rosales currently lives in Denver, where he is the fiction editor for SpringGun Press and a PhD candidate at DU. His next novel, Word is Bone, is forthcoming from Broken River Books.