Thom Yorke Onboard to Score SUSPIRIA Remake

I became aware of two things today. One—Suspiria is being remade. This was not surprising. Was it disappointing? I don’t know. I feel like it’s a waste of time to get upset at news of remakes. There is no stopping them. It’s like complaining you’re wet while drowning in the ocean. Suspiria’s new […]

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Castle Rock Radio #05: “I Am the Doorway” (feat. Andrew Hilbert)

Could Dorito dust mutate your fingers into tiny eyeballs? Possibly! Let’s find out in the latest episode of Castle Rock Radio. We’re talking about King’s “I Am the Doorway” from 1978’s Night Shift with special guest Andrew Hilbert (author of Invasion of the Weirdos). Featured topics include leprosy and how to eat sloppy […]

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Brian Evenson and Stephen Graham Jones Praise GODS ON THE LAM

Fans of horror fiction are no strangers to the works of Brian Evenson and Stephen Graham Jones. Evenson’s Last Days is practically more holy than the Bible at this point, and Jones’s latest novel, Mongrels, might very well be the best werewolf book ever written. So you can imagine how excited we are at […]

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