Eryk Pruitt Spreads His DNA All Over Stephen King in the Latest Episode of CASTLE ROCK RADIO

Eryk Pruitt joins us to discuss King’s 1984 short story “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” from SKELETON CREW. In this story, we learn about the divide between the summer people and locals in Castle Rock and where exactly this magical town might be found on a map of Maine. Also, did King subtly hint at his future evolution into bulky books early on in this tale? All of that and more in the last CRR of the year.

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Eryk Pruitt’s newest novel is WHAT WE RECKON and he has a true crime podcast coming out soon called THE LONG DANCE. Make sure to subscribe for updates.

Today’s song is “Suck City” by Black Math.

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Perpetual Motion Machine’s Max Booth III and Lori Michelle talk about Stephen King, sometimes with special guests. Every episode covers an individual novel, short story, movie, or television show. Perpetual Motion Machine is a small press based in San Antonio, publishing horror and crime books and the quarterly horror magazine, Dark Moon Digest. Castle Rock Radio is the 1,001st Stephen King podcast in existence.



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