Meet the Four Men Who Won’t Stay Dead in John C. Foster’s NIGHT ROADS

Last week we released John C. Foster’s Night Roads, the second volume of his Libros de Inferno trilogy. The first volume, Dead Men, was published in 2015 to much critical acclaim, receiving a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Night Roads follows the events of Dead Men with a strong spotlight on Hoodoo Girl, who is easiest the coolest character any writer’s ever constructed.

Also back in Night Roads – the four dead men from…Dead Men. Luke Spooner of Carrion House was rad enough to whip up illustrations of each of these characters, which are included in Night Roads (b&w). We’ve decided to share those four illustrations in their full-color versions down below. Take a gander and maybe consider picking up a copy of Night Roads, and if you haven’t read Dead Men yet, well gosh dang, we’re currently selling that one for a mere 99 cents.

Don’t pass these up, folks. They’re real special.

And now…the dead men. Goddamn, won’t they ever stay dead?