New Release! QUIZZLEBOON: A Redneck Fairy Tale

Now available and ready for your eyeball(s): John Oliver Hodges’s new novel, Quizzleboon: a redneck fairy tale about Leon Hicks, a one-eyed outlaw who joins an anarchist collective in the hills of North Carolina. Guided by an imaginary man from the moon named Mr. Quizzleboon, Leon searches within these dirt people for a sense of family that seems forever out of reach.

Here’s Matthew Revert’s front cover:

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John was recently a guest on our Stephen King podcast, Castle Rock Radio, discussing Carrie. Listen here.

John Oliver Hodges wrote Quizzleboon, a novel out now from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. John’s other books are The Love Box, a collection of dark stories that won the Tartt First Fiction Award, and War of the Crazies. His stories have appeared widely in online and print journals. He lives in New Jersey.