Creepazoids, Jonathan Franzen Porn, and Murderous Pseudonyms: Stephen King’s THE DARK HALF

On today’s episode of Castle Rock Radio, we’re discussing 1989’s The Dark Half with John C. Foster (author of the recently released Night Roads). Is Thad Beaumont just a Jonathan Franzen stand-in? What would a Beaumont/Stark buddy comedy be like? Has Stephen King actually ever lived in Maine? All of that and […]

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Meet the Four Men Who Won’t Stay Dead in John C. Foster’s NIGHT ROADS

Last week we released John C. Foster’s Night Roads, the second volume of his Libros de Inferno trilogy. The first volume, Dead Men, was published in 2015 to much critical acclaim, receiving a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Night Roads follows the events of Dead Men with a strong spotlight on Hoodoo Girl, who is easiest the […]

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Imagine a Marriage Between Clive Barker and Quentin Tarantino: NIGHT ROADS is Now Available!

Now available, the much anticipated sequel to John C. Foster’s debut novel, Dead Men: NIGHT ROADS!  * “Great powers comin’ your way and you need to be prepared,” Godmamma said, voice a papery whisper. “The harpies of the north manipulated a holy man into a great working but it’s all fallin’ […]

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