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PMMP has recently released the novel, Quizzleboon. It is described as a Southern redneck fairy tale, and is loaded with dark humor, weird crime and a monkey heist. You have got to grab a copy and read it for yourself! Dirt was clean, they said, and soap was banned, as […]

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New Release! QUIZZLEBOON: A Redneck Fairy Tale

Now available and ready for your eyeball(s): John Oliver Hodges’s new novel, Quizzleboon: a redneck fairy tale about Leon Hicks, a one-eyed outlaw who joins an anarchist collective in the hills of North Carolina. Guided by an imaginary man from the moon named Mr. Quizzleboon, Leon searches within these dirt people for […]

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They’re All Gonna Laugh At You, So We Might As Well Talk About CARRIE

The book that started it all. The manuscript Tabitha King discovered while snooping through her husband’s trash. The novel that changed Stephen King’s life forever. We’re talking about 1974’s Carrie with John Oliver Hodges (author of Quizzleboon), who apparently once kidnapped a dog. We also discuss current Stephen King news, such as: Castle […]

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