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THE SECOND DOG: A Twitter Horror Story

So, Twitter has been mostly garbage lately, but yesterday I found a neat way to use it: by writing spontaneous horror short stories. No outline. Just pantsing it until you run out of steam. This particular idea was inspired by my dog, who discovered something in our bush out back. […]

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The Art of DARK MOON DIGEST Issue #28

Every story published in the physical issues of our magazine is accompanied by an illustration by Editor-in-Chief Lori Michelle. Today, we thought we’d share with you the illustrations found in our latest issue. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, now’s the time! First, here’s the glorious (and, perhaps, depressing) […]

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Let’s Get Spooky With the New DARK MOON DIGEST

Who said Halloween wasn’t in July? Oh, every calendar in existence? Well, forget about them. They’re worthless. Nobody ever got anywhere in life by owning a calendar. It’s July (for another day or so) and it’s time to get hella spooky, folks. The new issue of Dark Moon Digest is finally available […]

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