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Revisiting King’s College Years in NIGHT SHIFT’S “Strawberry Spring”

First Castle Rock Radio episode of the year, baby! Max and Lori welcome 2018 with one of King’s earliest short stories, “Strawberry Spring” from 1978’s Night Shift! Is Spring-heeled Jack real? Did Stephen King ever kill anybody in college? All of that and more! Also: lots of NEWS in this episode, including a […]

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Castle Rock Radio #05: “I Am the Doorway” (feat. Andrew Hilbert)

Could Dorito dust mutate your fingers into tiny eyeballs? Possibly! Let’s find out in the latest episode of Castle Rock Radio. We’re talking about King’s “I Am the Doorway” from 1978’s Night Shift with special guest Andrew Hilbert (author of Invasion of the Weirdos). Featured topics include leprosy and how to eat sloppy […]

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